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The Naked WinemakerFeature Film: After her mother’s possible stroke, a middle aged African American woman returns home to her family vineyard to find it on the edge of foreclosure and the takeover target of a massive wine conglomerate whose mysterious owner is hellbent on plundering the wineries of New York’s Hudson Valley.

The Wines of New York – Cradle of American Viticulture – Docuseries: New York is the third largest grape producing state in the U.S. In this series, we explore the wines and meet the winemakers from three of America’s Boutique wine regions, examine what makes them so amazing, and watch as they revive and revitalize their fields, make their wines, and live their lives in 2024.

New York Wine History: One of the things that makes New York wine so special is the people who make it happen. If you are involved in New Wine, we’d love to hear your story and share it with the world.

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