Getting Started

How does anything come about – A ballet, symphony, building, road … A movie? A fantastic meal?

Someone gets a bug up their ass and thoughts start flowing. They may trickle at first but eventually, you’re heading down the river towards Niagara Falls.

You can’t stop. The compulsion has taken over and “The Thing” is all you think about. It just consumes you day in and day out.

They’re just thoughts, ya know? Nothing wrong with thoughts, you think … Until…

You realize, these aren’t thoughts… It’s your heart speaking …. to God, The Universe whatever you want to call it.

But it’s not speaking… It’s this robust conversation where you’re doing all the listening.

And God, says, “You there. Start writing this shit down. It’s great. You listening to me? You’re gonna love it. And a bunch of other people will too.”

He continues “Then, I gotta tell ya, there will be some idiots who don’t get it and say shit but don’t listen to or engage them. They’re assholes. I had to make them, really, just for sport.”

So… At this point you figure, “It’s Tuesday, so … I guess.”

Some prefer grabbing a pen and notebook but I’ve got short sausage-y fingers and horrible handwriting so I plop my ass in a woefully uncomfortable chair and start typing until my fingertips run out of words. It’s about when my left ring finger gets a tiny bit numb.